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About my philosophy

I'm a tennis coach with a different vision about the game. My main goal is to cultivate a balanced way of playing, with a focus on the social aspect and the fun element. The well-being is more important than the performance and the competitive aspect, in my view, that's why my clients are not professional players.

I believe it's good to learn tennis through mixed methods, from different people, so I encourage my clients to experiment with various tennis schools and coaches in order to find what suits them best. I've learned myself from different systems, from the Eastern European more rigid style, to the American fun-oriented one. I would say that my style of teaching is a mix of both: structured lessons, with an underlying fun element.

Lately, I've noticed that parents steer their kids towards tennis from very young ages (even 2 years old!), because they dream of turning them into another Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. I don't encourage this approach, unless the child is naturally enjoying this sport and asked himself/herself to learn more. I would recommend starting tennis from the age of 6 or 7 and, before that, to practice sports that develop the overall muscular system (such as swimming) and coordination abilities (such as gymnastics, football, basketball, etc.). 

After all, we're all here to explore life in its various aspects and playing sports is just one of them. Myself, I enjoy playing tennis, but I'm also keen on cycling.

Ready to play and explore?

See you on the tennis court,


the coach
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