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What rackets to invest in

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Equipment varies in many ways, but some details can only be perceived by professional tennis player. For an amateur, it's simply not worth investing in fancy equipment when a decent one does the same job and delivers a pleasant user experience. It's more important to simply enjoy the game, rather than being in possession of the "latest and greatest".


When buying a tennis racket for adults, you need to choose the grip and the weight. I recommend:

  • for men: grip no.3 or no.4, depending on the hand size, weight between 270 g and 305 g

  • for women: grip no.2 or no.3, weight between 255 g and 290 g

The size of the racket head is between 85 and 130 sq. inches; the oversized ones are used more by beginners, the mid plus by intermediate and the mid size by advanced players.


You choose according to the height and strength of the child, and also to her/his ability to handle the racket. There are several sizes:

  • 17in and 19in are for 4-5 y/o

  • 21in is for 6-7 y/o

  • 23in for 7-8 y/o

  • 25in for 8-9 y/o

  • 26in for 10-11 y/o

How to decide when buying your first racket?

I recommend you try a few of them, before buying one. Most specialised stores allow that you take rackets for a test.

A good quality racket costs between €90 (on sale) to €150, for intermediate level players.

A good place to buy online is Tennis Warehouse

In Romania, Tennis Revolution has a great variety of rackets, strings, tennis balls, equipment, and accessories.

Adding accessories

  • I recommend you use a vibration dampener on your racket. These shock absorbers will reduce vibration when you hit the ball.

  • To protect your racket grip, it would be good to use an overgrip, a proper one viewing your comfort, it will help to absorb a part of the sweat, too. There are many kind of them on the market, with different thickness and adhesion.

  • If you feel that your racket is too light, the solution will be to ad some plumb balancer tape. You will thus be able to get your racket heavy gradually.

  • To protect the frame of your racket, you could use protection tape, which will help to avoid to damage your head of the racket, when it has a soft-medium contact with the court during the game.

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