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The importance of recovery

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

It's essential that you keep a good balance between effort and recovery, to be healthy and more efficient on the court.

First, you should warm up every time before you play, by running a few laps around the court and doing some gymnastics. It's especially important to stretch the muscles during cold weather to avoid injuries. For developing muscle elasticity, my advice is to use rubber bands.

After a longer effort on the tennis court, you need to rebuild the muscle fibre through appropriate food. The nutrients are important, not the quantity of the food. You should get lean proteins from chicken, turkey, eggs or vegetarian substitutes (nuts and pulses) and carbohydrates from brown rice and whole grain pasta. Remember, more is not necessarily better. More food doesn't automatically bring more energy.

Hydration is paramount especially when the weather is hot; electrolyte drinks are very helpful on such occasions, because they improve muscle contraction, which tends to decrease when you sweat a lot.

I would avoid soft drinks, because they tend to contain too much sugar and artificial flavourings. A freshly-squeezed juice or a smoothie is always a better option.

What about supplements?

Sleeping well will help you recover faster than using dietary supplements.

If you do wish to take supplements, let a doctor recommend them based on blood tests and your specific health profile. It's the only way to make sure you don't do more harm than good, by taking unnecessary pills.

I personally prefer massages after a draining training session. Also, any kind of practices that relax the mind do wonders for the body as well: meditation, listening to music, yoga and breathing techniques.

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