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Strings make the difference

To enjoy your game and use your racket at its full performance, it’s important to customize it.

How could you do that?

It would be useful to choose the right grip and the right strings, at the right tension.

Let’s first talk about strings. There are a lot of types, made of different materials: polyester (excellent spin provider), synthetic gut (all around), natural gut (perfect feeling and power) and multifilament (good feeling and comfort). They also come in all kinds of thickness, from 1,15 mm to 1,40 mm.

When we talk about the tension, generally the racket manufacturers recommend that tension be between 23 - 27 kgp.

Lower tension provides more power, while higher tension more control.

For beginners I would recommend synthetic gut, multifilament strings for intermediate players and for advance/pro players polyester or natural gut.

Polyester strings will be more durable than synthetic gut. I think the best combination is the hybrid one - polyester on main and synthetic gut on cross strings, for a good playability and durability.

Gut comes in several shapes: round, hexagonal and textured (this will improve the spin).

How many rackets should one have?

Recreational players should have at least two rackets, so that when the strings break, they can grab the second racket.

Pro players have more the 4 rackets in their bags, when they carry more than 6 rackets, one of them is stringed with 1 kgp less and an other 1 kgp more, depends on weather condition and opponent style, to have a back-up. Pro players use the same strings on all their rackets.

Strings testing

I recently bought 2 types of strings: Luxilon Adrenaline and Luxilon Savage, I tested both of them, and I enjoyed Adrenaline most. How about you? Which are your favourite types of strings?

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