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Tennis bag checklist (intermediate player)

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Have you ever suddenly realized during a training session that you forgot your cap or your spare racket at home? It happens often. That's why a checklist comes in useful.

Here's what you should carry in your bag:

  • at least two tennis rackets - preferably identical (if the strings breaks, you have a spare racket to continue your game);

  • two sets of tennis balls (preferably 4/can) - one new and one used;

On windy days you should use new balls, because they are heavier and the wind will alter their trajectory less.

The used balls are helpful on a rainy day, when they might get soaked in water and thus became heavier.

  • spare vibration damper and overgrips

  • a few extra T-shirts (depending how much you sweat)

  • 1 towel for court use

  • 1 towel for the after training shower

  • soap and deodorant

  • one cap for sunny days

  • water or electrolytes drinks

  • 1 snack bar and 1 power bar

  • sport sun glasses

  • patches for first aid

  • elastic bandage

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